Monday, 8 December 2014

Keating's Powder

From the Huddersfield Examiner, December 8th, 1914.


Writing to his wife, a customer of mine assures her that he gets as much good food as he can eat, more clothes than he can wear, more tobacco and cigarettes than he can smoke.
The only thing he asks her to send him is two boxes of Keating’s insect powder.  There’s a hint, an unpleasant one, I admit, but none the less useful, for those who are anxious for the comfort of the men who are doing the drudgery of the war. – Yours &c.

2, Cecil Street, December 6th, 1914.

Ad for Keating's Powder

["Keating's Powder Kills with Ease, Bugs & Beetles, Moths & Fleas."  Although  the ad doesn't specifically mention lice, I imagine that that was the problem that the soldier writing from the trenches had. ]   

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